Why Penis Size shrinks with age and How to Recover it again?

Just like people face a hell lot of changes during the process of aging, in some men, the size of their penis shrinks an inch or two. The shrinkage of the penile tissue can occur due to a variety of factors. The usual growth pattern of the penis is that the length is around 4 cm for newborns. It grows somewhat in length from the age of 5 years to the onset of adolescence. Till about the age of 22, a man’s penis is fully grown. Then how and why penis size shrinks with age? Let us take a detailed look.

Why Penis Size shrinks with age

Causes Of Penis Shrinkage

There are many reasons behind why the penis shrinks in the elderly. Let us take a look at some of those reasons why.


When you are obese, which most people are we they grow old, the penis can look a bit shorter even though the reason is the buildup of excess fat in the lower abdominal area. The shaft of the penis also becomes full of fat and thus, the size can diminish to a great extent.


When fat is deposited in your arteries, it reduces the flow of blood to the shaft of your penis. This happens as the age increases. The size of the testicles is reduced when the blood circulation is not proper. Sometimes, any injuries encountered during the lifespan can also lead to the buildup of scar tissue which can reduce the size of the penis.

Peyronie’s disease

The curvature of the penis increases and sometimes to a point when the intercourse can become painful. The surgery performed to eradicate this condition can also cause the penis to shrink.

Prostate surgery

A cancerous prostate gland can be fatal and that is why most doctors remove it before it causes any further problems. Prostate surgery is known to reduce the size of the penis to some extent.

How To Recover Lost Penis Size

Even though half of the population faces the issue of penis shrinkage, there is hope for recovering the size.


Exercises like pumping and stimulation of the shaft can increase the blood flow towards the penis and cause it to increase in the length as well as the girth.

Mechanical devices

Penis pumps and clamps are the most popular penis enlargement devices used by a majority of men out there. Although if not used properly, they can cause severe damage to the body.


Even though grafting surgeries can increase the penis size but considering the minor nature of the enhancement, the risk is not worth it.

Penile enlargement pills

One of the most effective methods of increasing the size of the penis is genuine penis enlargement pills that target the root cause of the issue. The pills are made of herbal ingredients that do not cause any side effects and eliminate other sexual dysfunctions along with improving the length and the girth.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Que. Is it possible to recover lost penis size with xlarge?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to recover lost penis size with xlarge. One of the most effective methods of increasing the penis size includes the intake of genuine penis enlargement pills. Xlarge is one such pill.

Que. What are the common problems that shrink penis size?

Ans. Penis size can shrink due to many reasons. Some of them are obesity, aging, Peyronie’s disease, and prostate surgery.

Que. At which age span we can increase penis size?

Ans. The penis size increases from 5 years till adolescence. When a man is 26 years old, up to this age his penis fully grown.

Very few men are aware of the fact that penis size shrinking with age is not a very rare phenomenon. As discussed above, there are many reasons why men might experience a decrease in the size of their penis with age. But the important thing to note is that all hope isn’t lost and you can easily cope up with the condition with the help of penis enlargement pills. The best thing about medicines with a herbal composition is that there are no side effects and the results are permanent. Instead of giving outside results, they target the core of a problem.

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